Adeline, Healthcare Professional

A holistic wellness tea for natural weight management!

I’ve been trying to lose my post-pregnancy weight, even more actively after I weaned my baby off breastfeeding in September.

As a consumer myself, I was initially skeptical. Mainly because I have tried too many products in the past but ended up with minimal or no results. Thankfully, I was being introduced to Mosanco Tea by a friend on the internet as a holistic wellness tea. As a healthcare professional, the information given is clear on how it works which is why I tried it. Focusing on slowing down the energy being absorbed in the body, the tea acts like a low-Gi converter which reduces fat accumulation. It serves as a complement especially when I need to indulge in carbs or comfort food during all the stress at work. I tried and pair it together with 2 days of exercising a week and lost a total of 5kgs!

Oh, it helps in relieving my constipation problem as well! This product is not like any detox tea in the market which causes tummy cramps and diarrhoea and does not focus on slimming. Being a tea lover, it just add additional perks to drinking this

I am really glad to have found this product made in Singapore!

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