Rayson Yong, Senior Specialist

Eating and exercising coupled with Mosanco Tea! 

I started drinking this functional tea since late Jun ‘18. During this period, Mosanco Tea has helped me to curb taking sweetened foods and reduced my sweet cravings as well.

Over time, the tea became part of my weight management needs on top of my dieting and exercise routine. I managed to lose a total of 5kg in 2 months with proper fitness regime and dieting with Mosanco Tea as my post-meal beverage. I also got to enjoy my mooncake recently knowing that my blood sugar level is taken care of!

It might cost more than most teas in the market, but I believe in the quality, ingredients used to make it functional and not forgetting that it is not just any other daily tea.  

I would definitely recommend to my friends to try it out since I felt the difference after drinking it.

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