Mosanco Immunity

boost. Repair. Protect.

Mosanco Immunity

Your Natural Defense

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Boost your Immunity.

Mosanco Immunity boost & promotes
your immune health

Repairs your liver.

Mosanco Immunity promotes good liver health

Protects your body.

All-natural plant-based Mosanco immunity
protects your body with powerful antioxidants

Mosanco Immunity – Your Natural Defense!

What is Mosanco Immunity?

The Mosanco brand focuses on natural ingredients to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Mosanco Immunity follows this tradition. We developed Mosanco Immunity because we understand how vitally important a strong immune system. Mosanco Immunity focuses on immunity and liver health. It contains high level of powerful antioxidants aiding your body to fight against free radical damage.

Mosanco Immunity – 30 Capsules of natural goodness!
$59.90 Excl. GST

Mosanco Immunity Strength:

Ingredients with Technology within Mosanco Immunity

Formulated in Singapore with our proprietary technology, Mosanco Immunity is made to ensure the quality and safety of our ingredients is not compromised, providing you with the right formulation that boosts your immunity and health!

Pluvialis Algae

A freshwater plant that is well known for its high content of the strong antioxidant


The main active ingredient in turmeric, it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.


The most important and the most extensively consumed spice worldwide. It is well known for its anti-oxidants and increase the level of absorption of nutrients within your body. Sometimes referred to as “bioenhancement”.

Silybum Marianum

It is a mixture of flavanoid complexes and is a component that protects liver and kidney cells from toxic effects from drugs and many other toxic components.

Will other medications interact with
Mosanco Immunity?

There are no adverse reactions or interactions with medications.

* Mosanco Immunity is suitable for ages above 6 years old.
* Not recommended for pregnant women.


Above SGD 80, only applicable in Singapore


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority



Only applicable in Singapore

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