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[Year-end promotion] Mosanco Tea Flavour Bundle!

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Year-end promotional deals come early this year! 

To all our supporting customers, working from home has since become a default. We stand by firmly on the reason why Mosanco Tea is created. Empowering individuals to have the ability to better manage and have healthier blood sugar levels after meals/desserts. Staying home can possibly increase one from a sedentary lifestyle and increase intake of processed food.

Do remember to pair our functional tea after your indulgence at home for a healthier you! 

This deal is suitable for first-time customers if not customers who like both of our flavours!

Grab this deal now before it is gone!

Product details: 1 box of  30 sachets of original Mosanco Tea & 2 boxes of 15 sachets of Mosanco Rose Tea inclusive of delivery!

in stock

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