Mosanco Recovery (30 Plant Capsules)

Mosanco Recovery (30 Plant Capsules)

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Mosanco Recovery is a holistic approach to your overall muscle health. An all-natural blend of premium ingredients using proprietary technology, Mosanco Recovery reduces the oxidative cellular damage caused by free radicals and boosts cell rejuvenation, allowing you to recover from your workout more quickly and remain active.

Everyone can continue to be active with lesser worries on aches, soreness or potential injuries!

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Who can benefit from Mosanco Recovery?

  • People who work out or exercise on a daily basis
  • Competitive sports personnel
  • Mature individuals who want to reduce muscle aches and soreness while being active
  • People with an active lifestyle
  • Those who lead a more sedentary life

Whether it’s early morning stretches, athletes training to attain their optimal performance, competitive sports personnel retaining their levels of fitness, or those who need to remain active as they gracefully segue into advancing years, Mosanco Recovery keeps you on your feet. It reduces and repairs the cellular damage to muscles, relieving general muscle tiredness, aches and weakness.

What makes Mosanco Recovery so special?

Using our state-of-the-art-technology in Singapore, Mosanco Recovery is formulated to ensure the quality and safety of our ingredients is not compromised, providing you with the best possible results to keep you healthy and fit.

Haematococcaceae – A powerful marine algae that have very potent antioxidants, protecting cells from damaging.

Zinc – A vitamin that plays a vital role in muscle recovery and repair while also aiding in “muscle protein synthesis” meaning the protein you eat becomes part of your muscles. Zinc also works to boost the immune system.

Vitamin B12 – Particularly important to the maturation of red blood cells that carry oxygen to your muscles and vital organs, Vitamin B12 is used by virtually every cell in the body from making DNA to keep your brain healthy. It ensures that the brain and muscles communicate efficiently affecting muscle growth and coordination.

Note: Vegans and vegetarians are at higher risk of deficiency as the primary source of B12 is meat, fish, poultry, eggs and milk. It is not found in plant matter.

Vitamin D – Levels of lean muscle mass have been linked to Vitamin D which suggests it may help to optimize muscle strength. Vitamin D also plays a significant role in Calcium absorption in the gut. Together these two vitamins help to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Other roles of Vitamin D include the modulation of cell growth and the reduction of inflammation.

The Mosanco Recovery Advantage:

  • Increase endurance and prevents musculoskeletal damage.
  • Enhances muscle recovery and strength.
  • Relieving general muscle tiredness, aches and weakness.
  • Restores your cells, reversing them to their original state.

Will other medications interact with Mosanco Recovery?

There are no adverse reactions or interactions with prescribed medications.

* Mosanco Recovery is suitable for all ages.
* Not recommended for pregnant women.


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