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Mosanco Tea

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More than just a daily tea, Mosanco Tea is a functional tea that is designed to promote healthy carbohydrate absorption after meals and desserts.

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The Problem Today

Overeating is increasingly becoming a problem in Singapore and in Asia. More people are exceeding their daily recommended calorie intake. It could due to reasons like:

  • Having a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Work stress.
  • Food addiction.
  • Spoilt for food choices.

According to recent papers, research done by the Singapore Health Promotion Board showed that people are becoming more active in recent years but they are now consuming more calories, outweighing any benefits to their health.

Our Solution

Mosanco Tea is a delicious functional beverage created to cut down carbs and sugar absorption within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract after meals and desserts.

It slows down the sugar spiking effect which minimises fat accumulation.

We aim to look at your health holistically with the help of Mosanco Tea after your food indulgence. It is the perfect solution to fight against the effects of modern living!

Benefits from drinking Mosanco Tea

  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels, LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Promotes healthy weight management.
  • Supports metabolic balance.
  • Promotes better metabolism.
  • Soften bowels, improving bowel movements.
  • May help to curb appetite or sweet cravings.

* Information given here is only for informational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

19 reviews for Mosanco Tea

  1. Melvin Tang


  2. Tricia Ng

    Ever since I started working in the office I realised that I have been putting on weight and the main cause of it would be that we are seated right after our meals for a substantial period of time, and not to mention for me was also due to lack of exercise. I have also had constipation issues.

    After I was introduced to Mosanco and started drinking them, the most obvious difference I have felt was my constipation issue improved! I made more regular visits to the toilet. I would not say that my weight has dropped significantly since taking the tea, however it did help to maintain my weight even though I still don’t exercise and eat the same amount of food not having to feel guilty about it. What I felt amazing about the tea is how each time, when I finished a cup of Mosanco and if I were to take anything sweet thereafter I am unable to taste the sweetness of it for awhile, so I believe it really does what it says-blocking out sugar intake.

    I believe with continuous drinking of Mosanco and coupling it with exercise it will definitely help if you have weight management issues!

  3. Cindy Koo

    I’m sure you’re as doubtful as I am, wondering how a packet of tea helps in your diet. I experienced consistent results after trying out the tea for a period of time. Drinking the tea daily after lunch makes me happy having known that the tea will reduce sugar absorption into my body.

    Not just that, I realized that my food cravings at work during mid-late afternoon are gone! I hardly snack now!

    The tea taste pleasant and it is pretty much fuss free, best of all, I feel much happier and healthier as a whole. This is really not just a daily tea!

  4. Sandra Chong

    Mosanco Tea has quickly made its way into my daily routine. Drinking the functional Tea after lunch has eliminated the “food comas” I used to experience in the afternoons by balancing my blood sugar levels, and I am able to stay alert and focus on my daily work. Mosanco Tea has also improved constipation problems and helped increase the frequency of my toilet visits.

    Drinking Mosanco Tea has definitely made me feel healthier and cleaner, and I believe that we will be able to experience health benefits after drinking this in the long run.

  5. Alex Zhang

    I tried Mosanco Tea with an open mind during Lunar New Year period where it is especially tough to control what you eat due to the festive mood. Knowing that it was a natural approach, I was more open to try it and look forward to lose some weight as it decreases calorie intake.

    I was amazed by the taste and also the effectiveness of “killing” the sweetness taste after drinking a cup when I had something sweet. After a month to my surprise, I lost a total of 2 Kgs by consuming it after lunch and dinner. It was surprising indeed! I did not have any special dieting or exercise regime other than walking around at work which did help me to burn off some calories.

    This functional tea really does what it says and I look forward drinking it daily after my meals.

  6. Norean Tan

    I have been taking Mosanco tea on a daily basis, it has a soothing taste and also each sachet can be brewed twice so I can brew 2 cups with just 1 sachet and it still tastes great! Even the 2nd brew doesn’t taste bitter at all. The advantage for me personally is that I like sweet stuffs in the past but now, my sugar cravings has reduced. An example is that I used to drink teh c siu dai but now I always order teh c kosong instead cause I don’t feel the difference in the sugars anymore. Used to really hate having no sugars in my drink lol. Would definitely recommend people to try this!

  7. Janee Janne

    Have been trying Mosanco Tea for almost a month now. I love the sweet-bitter taste of the tea after a heavy meal. Also, i realised it really helps me to snack lesser in between meals. I feel less sinful after drinking this. Have not really help me with my weight yet, will continue to drink it and hope for the best.

  8. Pei Ling

    This tea is very suitable after dessert as it helps to “block” the sugar. It’s amazing that after drinking it, I can’t taste the sweetness. I’ve been drinking this tea after my meal every night and it helps to curb my snacks intake.

    Highly recommended for ppl with sweet tooth so that you won’t feel guilty after eating desserts.

  9. Regina Tioh Siok Hui

    Taste really good n I feel so gooooood! (For someone who is a bubble tea fan n drinks it daily😬) Always feel so cleansed n healthy after drinking Mosanco tea! It taste like a mixture of Ju-hua+Pu-er! It is not ‘siap’ at all n it flows thru my throat so smoothly like liquid gold! Definitely a MUST TRY! Taste it for urself as it will b much more convincing than my words alone!

  10. Sam Lai

    I am new to Moscano and I am blown away by its effectiveness! I had a gathering at an Italian restaurant with family. After the full on dinner of pasta, wine, cheese and dessert, I realised I had over eaten. The feeling of bloatedness made me very uncomfortable and lethargic. I decided to drink a cup of Moscano tea and within 30 mins the bloatedness was gone. After the second brew, I felt lighter and thus more ready for bedtime. I found out later that it not just reduced my sugar absorption but it also helped with digestion!

    I was also pleasantly surprised that the brewed Moscano tea was smooth, easy to drink and had no bitter/tannic after taste. I would highly recommend this tea and I am going to make this my go to tea on a daily basis!

  11. Sufen Foo

    This tea is wonderful! I love to drink it in the evening while wearing a face mask or reading a book. Wonderful with one bag or two if you like it stronger. Very relaxing, with smooth flavors. It doesn’t need sugar, but I am sure it is fine with it.

  12. Beh Beh Beh

    thanks to @Elaine Labbit Yeo, I saw her looking slim and pretty so I tried this tea. results are great and even manage to lose few kgs after one box. hope more kgs will lose soon. thanks!

  13. Jeslinda Liu Wq

    The taste is nice.. And it helps to prevent food coma as well!!!

  14. Jessica Chua Boon

    I’ve been taking Mosanco tea for a while now and I like the comfort it brings especially after a heavy meal. It has become such a habit now I am taking it almost on a daily basis. Definitely recommend it!

  15. Ah Leng

    I like the taste and I will definitely recommend to my friends as well

  16. Aruna Vallury

    Love the taste. It feels great to have it anytime, but fantastic right after a meal. I have been able to brew each bag for 3 times (sometimes 4) with no compromise on taste. It doesn’t leave any after taste, which I really like.

  17. Chua Zoe

    Love the tea! I loveee floral smell and it’s smooth to drink. Pairs very well with pastries!

  18. Bel Loh

    Love the tea, very refreshing! You can try it at Mosanco Enchanted Cafe at 88 Rangoon Road and order online! Great as gifts too!

  19. Adeline Lee

    I’ve been trying to lose my post-pregnancy weight, even more actively after I weaned my baby off breastfeeding in September.

    As a consumer myself, I was initially skeptical. Mainly because I have tried too many products in the past but ended up with minimal or no results. Thankfully, I was being introduced to Mosanco Tea by a friend on the internet as a holistic wellness tea. As a healthcare professional, the information given is clear on how it works which is why I tried it. Focusing on slowing down the energy being absorbed in the body, the tea acts like a low-Gi converter which reduces fat accumulation. It serves as a complement especially when I need to indulge in carbs or comfort food during all the stress at work. I tried and pair it together with 2 days of exercising a week and lost a total of 5kgs!

    Oh, it helps in relieving my constipation problem as well! This product is not like any detox tea in the market which causes tummy cramps and diarrhoea and does not focus on slimming. Being a tea lover, it just add additional perks to drinking this

    I am really glad to have found this product made in Singapore!

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