*NEW!* Mosanco Immunity – 30 Capsules of natural goodness!

$59.90 Excl. GST

Mosanco Immunity focuses on immunity and liver health. It contains antioxidant properties to aid the body’s fight against free radical damage. Specially formulated in our labs in Singapore, Mosanco Immunity focuses on three primary areas:

  • Boosts immunity by supporting our natural defenses against common pathogens
  • Reduces oxidative damage by delivering powerful antioxidants throughout the body
  • Protects and repairs liver damage from alcohol and reduces that “morning after feeling”

If your immune system is weak, your body is vulnerable to frequent infections. Recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, antibiotics or falling prey to viruses an otherwise healthy person would not get. These all attack our health if our immune system is fragile.

Mosanco Immunity is a natural defense, designed to help protect your liver. Keeping your liver healthy keeps you healthy.

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