Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

Our ingredients are unique, safe and effective

Specially selected, processed and blended together for their unique and complementary benefits!

Discover what active herbs go into each tea pouch

Mosanco Tea is formulated by using two natural ingredients:

Using one of the best grade ingredients, our tea leaves are selected based on their age, right geographical location, altitude and blended uniquely into granular shape.

This is our proprietary trade secret that makes Mosanco Tea unique and special.

1. The benefits of Australian Cowplant

Being used as a traditional herb for centuries, the leaves of Australian Cowplant contains gymnemic acids, which inhibit and slow the transport of sugar from our small intestine into the bloodstream.

This, in turn, helps in lowering blood sugar levels after meals. Research has shown that Australian Cowplant extract is an effective herb for people with blood sugar problems.

In a clinical trial, participants experienced significant reductions in blood sugar, hemoglobin A1c, and glycosylated plasma protein levels. More remarkably, at the end of the 18-month study, the participants were able to reduce their drug dosages, and some of the study subjects were able to effectively maintain normal blood sugar levels with the GS4 (Gymnema Sylvestre Supplement) alone.

Research also suggests that Australian Cowplant aids in repairing and regenerating beta cells in the pancreas, which are responsible for producing insulin.


2. The benefits of Green Tea:

Widely known for its antioxidant and detoxification properties, it contains powerful antioxidants (EGCG) which protects the body from free radicals keeping our cells healthy.

Putting Safety First

Mosanco Tea is subjected to stringent quality control procedures from raw ingredients to the finished product, fulfilling all requirements in Singapore and is regulated by the Health Science Authority (HSA) Singapore.

Manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and highest safety and hygiene levels.

Complied strictly in accordance with the regulations from the Health Ministry for Microbial and Heavy metal testing standards.

Mosanco Tea is also Halal certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS).

What our customers say?

I’ve been trying to lose my post-pregnancy weight, even more active after I weaned my baby off breastfeeding in September. As a consumer myself, I was initially sceptical. Mainly because I have tried too many products in the past but ended up with minimal or no results. Thankfully, I was being introduced to Mosanco Tea by a friend on the internet as a holistic wellness tea. As a healthcare professional, the information given is clear on how it works which is why I tried it. Focusing on slowing down the energy being absorbed in the body, the tea acts like a low-Gi converter which reduces fat accumulation. It serves as a complement especially when I need to indulge in carbs or comfort food during all the stress at work. I tried and pair it together with 2 days of exercising a week and lost a total of 5kgs! Oh, it helps in relieving my constipation problem as well! This product is not like any detox tea in the market which causes tummy cramps and diarrhoea and does not focus on slimming. Being a tea lover, it just adds additional perks to drinking this I am really glad to have found this product made in Singapore!


Healthcare Professional

Ever since I started working in the office I realized that I have been putting on weight and the main cause of it would be that we sit down for long hours, especially so after having our meals and not to mention for me was also due to lack of exercise. I also had constipation issues. After being introduced to Mosanco Tea and started taking them, the most obvious difference I have felt was my constipation issue has improved! I made more regular visits to the toilet. I would not say that my weight has dropped significantly since taking the tea, however, it did help to maintain my weight even though I still don’t exercise and eat the same amount of food not having to feel guilty about it. What I felt amazing about the tea is how each time when I finished a cup and if I were to take anything sweet thereafter, I am unable to taste the sweetness of it for a while. I believe it really does what it says – blocking out sugar intake. I believe with continuous drinking of Mosanco Tea and coupling it with exercise, it will definitely help if you have weight management issues!


Client Advisor

Mosanco Tea has quickly made its way into my daily routine. Drinking the functional Tea after lunch has eliminated the “food comas” I used to experience in the afternoons by balancing my blood sugar levels, and I am able to stay alert and focus on my daily work. Mosanco Tea has also improved constipation problems and helped increase the frequency of my toilet visits. Drinking Mosanco Tea has definitely made me feel healthier and cleaner, and I believe that we will be able to experience health benefits after drinking this in the long run.


HR Specialist

I got to know Mosanco Tea through a friend. I did not have any doubts, as it is a natural product, I felt completely secure and safe drinking it. I have been taking the tea for almost 2 months now and it has definitely helped me in various ways. Firstly, it helped in improving my bowel movements. The process is very natural and easy, I did not experience any stomach pain or discomfort. It just felt so much better as compared to before. Adding on to this, as I take the tea after my meals, it has never failed to aid in relieving my stomach from the tight and bloated feeling, especially after heavy meals. With many years of drinking different kinds of tea, this is indeed unique and one of a kind! I will continue and look forward to seeing better results.


Assist Manager

I tried Mosanco Tea with an open mind during the Lunar New Year period where it is especially tough to control what you eat due to the festive mood. Knowing that it was a natural approach, I was more open to try it and look forward to losing some weight as it decreases calorie intake. I was amazed by the taste and also the effectiveness of “killing” the sweetness taste after drinking a cup when I had something sweet. After a month to my surprise, I lost a total of 2 Kgs by consuming it after lunch and dinner. It was surprising indeed! I did not have any special dieting or exercise regime other than walking around at work which did help me to burn off some calories. This functional tea really does what it says and I look forward to drinking it daily after my meals.



I was being introduced to Mosanco Tea by my Mother. The first time I had the tea, I was worried that there might be a strong and weird taste since it is more of herbal tea. However, the tea did not have any rough or distinct taste to it. It was smooth and easy to drink. In addition, the tea has also helped me clear my bowels easily after a few hours of taking it. I felt that difference after a week. It is a very natural process. An interesting thing I realise about the tea was that the sweetness level of the sweets or chocolates I usually ate after lunch are not as sweet as before.

Hana Dafina


I started drinking this functional tea since late Jun ‘18. During this period, Mosanco Tea has helped me to curb taking sweetened foods and reduced my sweet cravings as well. Over time, the tea became part of my weight management needs on top of my dieting and exercise routine. I managed to lose a total of 5kg in 2 months with a proper fitness regime and dieting with Mosanco Tea as my post-meal beverage. I also got to enjoy my mooncake recently knowing that my blood sugar level is taken care of! It might cost more than most teas in the market, but I believe in the quality, ingredients used to make it functional and not forgetting that it is not just any other daily tea. I would definitely recommend to my friends to try it out since I felt the difference after drinking it.

Rayson Yong

Senior Specialist

Drinking Mosanco Tea

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