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People around the world are becoming more and more concerned about their individual health. With longevity on the rise, we all want to live with grace and dignity, able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Gym memberships, running marathons, cycling or swimming… involvement in a wide variety of sports activities is on the rise. People are becoming more active as they understand the benefits of providing a workout for both their body and their heart.

Equipped with today’s advanced technology, information and knowledge are at our fingertips allowing everyone to take a more active and personal approach to their daily lifestyle.

Your Muscles and You

Muscles play a critical role in our overall health, particularly as we age. When we’re young we depend on their strength and flexibility, without giving it a second thought. Young muscles also heal quickly when they’ve been strained or damaged. As we age, we gradually lose muscle mass and our youthful nimbleness and dexterity diminish, somewhat unnoticed, with each passing year.

When we use our muscles, whether it’s stretching, lifting weights, riding a bicycle or helping a friend move, tiny, sometimes microscopic tears appear. With damage comes inflammation. When our muscles are tired and sore, we stop moving. When we stop moving, muscle mass decreases. It becomes a vicious circle. However, the more quickly muscles recover, the faster you are back in the gym, on the football field, riding your bike or climbing those stairs.

Muscle mass, metabolic health, bone strength, disease and stress resilience and weight control all go hand-in-hand. It’s important to retain as much of our “muscle youthfulness” as possible to prevent falls, illness, broken bones and weight gain, four major challenges we are all faced with as we age. According to Health Designs, “No matter what age you are, your muscle tissue can be strengthened and even regenerated with the right lifestyle changes.”

Taking care of our muscles is an important part of our “whole body” health. Remaining active to retain our strength and mobility as we age is vital. We all want to look as good as we feel from the inside out.

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