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About Mosanco

Mosanco Pte Ltd is a vibrant, budding and promising company that deals with the distribution of specific goods and services as well as wholesale and trading. We are focused on human health and how to make individuals lead a healthy and happy life.

Mosanco Pte Ltd is own by our parent company, RongDe Holdings. This symbiotic association is what gives us a firm footing as a young company and makes us have the upper hand in using cutting-edge technology to deliver top-notch quality. At Mosanco, we have our portfolios split into three categories; Distribution, Wholesale and Trading.

Discover what active herbs go into each tea pouch

Mosanco Tea is formulated by using two natural ingredients:


Our Mission is to formulate, trade and distribute products with the highest quality and safety standards for our clients & customers across the globe.


Our vision is to be an established organization that holds quality choices of products marketing across the globe. To be a trusted and reputable trading and distribution company that supplies premium grade products to improve the quality of life for consumers worldwide.

Functional Units

The Wholesale unit is one of our most excellent groups. Where we stand today, we are active in the sales of herbal ingredients. Getting the right supplier or authentic products can be daunting and the process hectic, but with strong guidance from our stakeholders, we are able to get the right ingredients to make qualitative products. We are also actively stable in retailing Cordyceps and Birdnest to other retailers in Asia.

Through partnerships with RongDe Holdings, it has gotten us credible sources of authentic ingredients which in turn helped us formulate our very own products and branch them out into two portfolios. The first being Mosanco Brand itself and the second being the Maevins Brand. The Mosanco Brand focuses on edibles and consumables while the Maevins focuses on personal care products. Even though we do not directly own the state of the art technology to process these ingredients into finished products, we have access to them through partnership, which is why our promise of quality is a real assurance. This unit stands as the unit for product dissemination either to other retailers, or we handle direct sales to those that need through various marketing channels.

The trading unit is another strength in our company. We are partners with one of the significant Amber Company, Amber Collections Pte Ltd who is currently Guinness record holder of the world’s largest rough Amber. We make sure we only market the finest and rare Ambers that are known as potent healers and provide the needful vitality of the body.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is quite clear; we will never stop till every individual gets a healthy life.

We believe the higher percentage of people are not only spending money on luxury things and satisfying contents but rather focusing more on health and wellness.

In Mosanco, we are making sure our approach to health is as holistic as possible so that luxury and wellness is achieved. We strongly believe that Health and Wellness is the new luxury.

With this in mind, we are adding wellness and luxury to your lives with Mosanco Tea. We believe in an expression of good health and our way of proving it is to offer it to you in our Brand, Mosanco Tea. It is more than a regular daily tea; it is more than an ordinary bag with tea grains in it. It is a lifestyle, a lifestyle of wellness and assurance that your health is stable. Our definition of luxury is for every household to have Mosanco Tea as an essential part of their lives.

Active Products

We currently have our Functional Tea product as the most active product. We have selected our tea grains from the finest of grains carefully harvested from South Asia. We believe that every human needs to lead a healthy life and as such needs to reduce the amount of carbs and sugar intake after meals, snacks, desserts or a fun candy spree.

The benefits of our Mosanco Tea are immeasurable, from a healthier lifestyle to a cleaner system to a better stable and functioning body. We offer you excellent quality. The best of good life packaged in little bags of tea.

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