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One way to show love this Valentine’s and White Day is to ensure you and your loved ones are healthy.

Gift them (and yourself) Mosanco Tea. This natural blend of herbal goodness serves its function to protect your system from sugar overload.

Choose love!

Get our special Mosanco x Flamingo bundle! Blazer at SGD 180 and suit for SGD 200, along side 2 boxes of Mosanco Tea Rose Flavour.

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Promotion is valid untill March 14 (White Day), 2020.

The Problem Today

Overeating is increasingly becoming a problem in Singapore and in Asia. More people are exceeding their daily recommended calorie intake. It could due to reasons like:

According to recent papers, research done by the Singapore Health Promotion Board showed that people are becoming more active in recent years but they are now consuming more calories, outweighing any benefits to their health.

Drinking Mosanco Tea frequently will help to

Moreover, Mosanco Tea contains high levels of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), a widely-recognised antioxidant polyphenol that rejuvenates and maintain healthy cells, while at the same time, providing a detoxifying effect for bodies.

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Mosanco Tea reduces carbs and sugar intake within the gut after meals and desserts.
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