The Problem Today

Overeating is increasingly becoming a problem in Singapore and in Asia. More people are exceeding their daily recommended calorie intake. It could due to reasons like:

According to recent papers, research done by the Singapore Health Promotion Board showed that people are becoming more active in recent years but they are now consuming more calories, outweighing any benefits to their health.

Perfect Solution

Mosanco Tea!

This unique tea blend is researched and manufactured in Singapore with only all-natural ingredients, making this beverage a natural and effective way to minimise lifestyle issues like overeating.

Sometimes, just an excess of caloric intake alone could potentially lead to gradual weight gain and obesity, which may increase the risk of having chronic diseases problems related to an imbalance of weight-to-height ratio.

It’s an unspoken rule that health and wellness is an accepted entitlement that we all deserve. We make sure our approach to health is as holistic as possible so that both luxury and wellness is achieved. To eat healthy, keep fit and yet able to indulge in your favourite food with lesser worries!

The decision to eat should always be enjoyable especially with your loved ones to  enhance your overall mind-body-spirit.

Living a lifestyle of luxury, wellness and assurance is about having the health to enjoy your wealth. Mosanco Tea is here to empower people to live a life of good vibes and great health with a healthy blood sugar level.

We strongly suggest including this tea into your daily routine if you are:

Drinking Mosanco Tea

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Mosanco Tea reduces carbs and sugar intake within the gut after meals and desserts.
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