Believe it or not, Mosanco Tea has help me to stop craving for lesser junk food, sweet stuff or dessert. It’s really incredible as before taking their tea. I HAVE LOTS OF CRAVING AND I EAT NON STOP! Especially, sweet dessert. After having lesser craving means lesser of eating junk food. My weight has gone down from 52kg to 49.9kg but of course with a little exercise, thrice a week.
It has also help me with better bowel system. I can go to the toilet once a day as compared to having frequent constipation before trying them. I will always take 1 or 2 cup a day and my favourite is Mosanco Tea (Rose Flavour). I love their Rose Tea Taste.
For all those tea lovers out there. You should really try if you love tea – and while drinking their tea, and while you love drinking tea you can get health benefits from Mosanco Tea.