I had purchased 2 box of Mosanco Tea (Rose flavour) 2 weeks ago but only started to have it 4 days ago. Daily I will have 2 cups and I find that it really help to curb sugar cravings and usually after meals .. I tends to feel tired due to sugar rush… my bowel is soften and I feel it help to expels toxins out. I didn’t expect to feel the difference just within few days… I purchase it Becos a friend was sharing and I thought since is herbal and natural …. and reading up more that this functional tea can help in blocking carbohydrates absorption, prompt healthy blood sugar, increase metabolism… especially now working from home and limited movement … this tea come in handy. Highly recommend to give it a try. So far I try the Rose flavour as I like a bit of floral on my tea and it taste good! Will continue to re-order when need. Thank you.